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Fast and Reliable Oil Changes

Fast Eddy’s is the place for prompt services by qualified technicians who know what your vehicle needs to keep running smoothly. With three different levels of oil changes to choose from, we can ensure your car gets the care it needs at a price you can afford. In addition to our oil changes, ask about our tire services. Good tires are one of the best ways to ensure excellent gas mileage.

Supreme Oil Change

Want to give your car’s engine the best protection and enjoy an easy start in cold weather? Our Supreme oil change includes full synthetic oils that work the hardest to remove dirt and debris from the engine oil between lubes.

Extreme Oil Change

If your vehicle is a few years old and getting up there in miles, providing a little extra care to the engine is a great way to ensure it continues purring for many more. Our Extreme oil change uses a high-mileage synthetic blend that helps protect your engine better.

Express Oil Change

Your vehicle's engine should run reliably when you keep up with conventional oil changes at intervals of 3,000 miles or three months. Oil lubricates engine parts, removing dirt and debris that can harm engines. Our Express oil change can get the job done within your budget.

Complete Vehicle Checks

Our Star services will check

  • Brake, Power Steering, and Transmission Fluid
  • Cooling System and Differential Fluid
  • Battery and Its Fluid
  • Air Filter
  • Tires

Why Change Your Oil?

Your vehicle's oil and other fluids play vital roles in safety and reliability. Dirty engine oil and low fluids minimize performance and eventually lead to issues that require costly repairs. Changing your oil regularly and ensuring fluids are at proper levels is key to vehicle longevity.

Chevron Havoline Star Service

Enjoy a free car wash and other critical vehicle services with our Star service, including:

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Lubricate Chassis
  • Fill Washer Fluid
  • Vacuum Interior

Give Your Car What It Deserves

Treat your car to the best oil change around. It will pay you back with miles of driving service!

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